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Current Reports and White Papers

The Risk of ePassports and RFID

Credit Card Companies intimidate Discovery Channel about an episode the Mythbusters wanted to air about RFID security (Video)

Vulnerabilities in First-Generation RFID-enabled Credit Cards
Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin, Daniel V. Bailey, Kevin Fu, Ari Juels, and Tom O’Hare

Pharmatech Overview
Pharmatech Associates

Anatomy of a Subway Hack
Russel Ryan, Zack Anderson, Alessandro Chiesa

Karsten Nohl
An interview with SearchSecurity (Audio: MP3 Format - 19.4MB)

Introduction to Verayo

Security Risks in RFID Applications
Lukas Grunwald, NeoCatena Networks, Inc.

Where’s The Beep?: Security, Privacy, and User Misunderstandings of RFID
Jennifer King and Andrew McDiarmid, University of California Berkeley

Reverse-Engineering a Cryptographic RFID Tag
Karsten Nohl and David Evans, University of Virginia, Starbug and Henryk Plotz, Choas Computer Cub

MIFARE Security
Karsten Nohl, Starbug, and Henryk Plotz


Archived Reports:

Guidance for Securing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems
National Institute of Standards and Technology

RFID Security: Tradeoffs between Security and Efficiency
Ivan Damgard and Michael Østergaard Pedersen, University of Aarhus

Securing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems
Karen Scarfone, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Security Standards for the RFID Market
IEEE Security & Privacy

Security Analysis of a Cryptographically-Enabled RFID Device
USENIX Association


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